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The Kings Peace, 1637-1641 C.V. Wedgwood

The Kings Peace, 1637-1641

C.V. Wedgwood

Published 1997
510 pages
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 About the Book 

The Kings Peace 1637-1641Day by day, almost hour by hour, C V Wedgwood describes the four uneasy years that were to explode into civil war - a devastation that cost King Charles his life and won the rebels their revolution. Conveying the bewildering momentum of events as the Kings peace is overtaken by suspicion, disorder and the sword, she writes history, said The Times, in the only way taht matters, as a living re-creation of the past.A superb book, beautifully written. I have no doubt at all that she makes the onset of the Civil War more intelligible than any historian before her - A L RowseThe Kings War 1641-1647 and The Trial of Charles I are also published by Penguin