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Unofficial Tale of Beauty and the Beast Edward Gross

Unofficial Tale of Beauty and the Beast

Edward Gross

Published November 15th 1989
ISBN : 9781556982613
0 pages
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 About the Book 

Since I already own all three seasons of the show on DVD, all three paperback tie-in novels and five VHS copies of various episodes, purchasing this book from Amazon was a no-brainer. Im glad I did. Aside from some spelling and grammatical errors due to low-grade, 1988 publishing, I really enjoyed reading this. A must have for any serious fan of the show.This large paperback book includes a detailed synopsis of every episode from season one and the last three-part episode arc (as the fans refer to it) that wraps up season two.Sprinkled throughout the text are exclusive interviews with Ron Pearlman, various directors from the show, and short profiles of the main cast. Black and white photos are also included. The behind-the-scenes info on how the show was brought together by creator Ron Koslow all proved for very interesting and informative reading. I feel very lucky to have gotten such a good deal on a rare used book that is no longer in print from a television show few remember today. They just dont make TV like this anymore.